Friday 5 June 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

It's panic time of course, because we're the biggest procrastinators around, and Father's Day has secretly snuck up on us!  We'll be posting a quick craft idea for a homemade card and gift in a few days, but in the meanwhile, here are some gift ideas from around the interwebs (disclaimer: we haven't tried these...they just look really interesting!  Make sure to read reviews before you commit!).  Let's hope they have expedited shipping for when we place our order on June 18th.  Don't be like us.  Plan ahead.

gifts for guys

For the foodie father:
  • a subscription to the Carnivore Club where you get chacuterie delivered to your door every month! ($50 CAD/month for 3 months)
  • also check out Amazing Clubs, so many monthly subscriptions to choose from including cheese, wine, beer, BBQ sauce, jerky, coffee and salsa (all delivered to your door)
  • whiskey stones (set of 9 for $19.95 USD at Sur La Table, but they sell them everywhere!) or Chillsners ($29.95 CAD) to keep your beer cool without watering it down
  • Foodie or Mixology Dice, for the bored chef  ($24-$48 US)
  • homemade beer/gin/bourbon/absinthe brewing kit
  • Man Made Meals cookbook for manly cooking ($21.28 CAD)
  • smoker box ($50 CAD), Williams Sonoma has so many cool BBQ accessories

gifts for guys
For the fun father:

gifts for guys
For the sentimental father:
  • personalized photo (starting at $12.99 USD) or board book ($24.95 USD), or a blank board book for your child to draw in...check out the samples because they're super-cute! (starting at $6 USD)
  • pottery painted by your children (starting at $6 CAD)
  • handmade coupon book 
  • Dad libs card, so your kids can fill in info about dad from their point of view (free!)
  • crafts made by your kids (almost free!)

gifts for guys
For the techie father:

gifts for guys
For the fashionable father:
  • unique cufflinks (starting from ~$5 CAD)
  • personal shaving kit ($31 CAD)
  • My Pakage underwear, apparently the most comfortable boxer-briefs ever...they have a separate pocket for the "boys" to prevent chafing! ($25 - $40 CAD)
  • Mizzen & Main dress shirt.  You don't need to iron it.  I repeat, you do not need to iron!  Also wicks sweat (no embarrassing sweat stains). And doesn't need to be dry cleaned. Perfect for dads that travel for work. ($139 CAD)
gifts for guys
For the sporty father:
  • tickets to a sports game
  • personalized jersey (NHL jerseys $134.99 CAD)
  • a Greens' Fee Passport for the golfers in Ontario and New York ($80.89 CAD)
  • Zepp golf sensor, attach sensor to any golf glove and get feedback on your swing using the iphone/ipad/ipod touch app ($149.95 CAD)
  • fit bit activity tracker ($101.93 CAD)
gifts for guys
For the outdoorsy father:
  • the G-Shock Rangeman watch includes a compass, barometer, thermometer...everything but a Swiss Army knife to help you survive in the wild (~$300)
  • waterproof iPhone/iPod/MP3 player speakers ($55 CAD)
  • Brunten hydrogen reactor, so you can generate power without any batteries! ($124.99 USD)
  • Ivation High-Efficiency solar pad charger/power supply in portable silicon case ($39 CAD)
  • SteriPEN Ultra, a pen that uses UV light to sterilize water on the go ($99.95 USD)
gifts for guys
Bespoke Post boxes...choose your own category!
And if you're still not sure, why not get a monthly Bespoke Post subscription service with a box theme of his choice (starting at $45 USD/month)?  Then he can let you know what kind of dad he is!

What will you be getting your husband or dad for Father's Day?  Share your great gift ideas with us!  And have a wonderful weekend!  :)


  1. I have no idea what I'm getting my father or what my kids are getting my husband. We have done the make your own beer, whiskey stones and the wine of the month club and he loved all of those. Perhaps time to branch out into one of the other categories. :)

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  2. Oh, thanks for letting us know what gifts go over well! :) There's still over a week left, thank goodness, so we hope you find something great!

  3. Glad we could be of help! Hope you had a great holiday!

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