Thursday, 16 June 2016

Quick DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Oh boy! Father's Day is coming up quick, real quick! Since we are the biggest procrastinators ever, we decided to come up with a short list of easy and inexpensive Father's Day gifts that you can whip up in no time...since we have very little time...yikes!

Maple Bacon Short-Bread Cookies
Yep, the goodness of bacon and short-bread will be sure to delight any man...except for mine, he dislikes both. He's definitely NOT the norm though. Most guys would LOVE to bite into these savory delicious cookies (we stumbled upon the recipe on Closet Cooking). With only 6 ingredients, they are incredibly easy to make! Throw in some dried herbs to make them extra savory or add some dark chocolate chips for a sweeter treat.

Mason Jar Gift Set
You can fill mason jars with pretty much anything: favourite treats/snacks (try to get creative...candied nuts, flavoured popcorn, coffee beans, maple bacon cookies, BBQ sauces), Father's Day coupons, sports paraphernalia etc.
Here is a great list of ideas to fill up your jar. Package it up all cute (check out our post on mason jar gifts) and you are good to go!
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Hand-print Art
Get your kiddies involved and whip up some adorable hand-print artwork! Have a look at this Father's Day book we made last year for some cute ideas.

Sharpie Mugs
All you need is a cheap plain white ceramic mug and some sharpie markers! Have your kid decorate the mug, bake it in the oven (350 degrees for 30 minutes) and wrap it up for an awesome gift. Full tutorial here.
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Coffee Cozy
Your kid will have a blast making this easy craft for all the coffee loving dads out there! Follow our tutorial to make your own!

Good luck on your last minute's the thought that counts, right?! Happy happy Father's Day to all the amazing men in our lives!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Easy & Fun Sock Donut Craft

In the words of Homer Simpson, "Mmm...donuts!"  They're so tasty and have gone so gourmet lately!  When I saw these sock donuts at my local drop-in program, I knew I had to try making them at home.  Cue today, when my younger son took an amazingly long nap, so my daughter and I had some crafty bonding time.

All you need are socks, and whatever decorations you want to put on top!  It was so fun to decorate these sock donuts and it was so good for my daughter's fine motor skills.  She cut, glued, rolled and assembled her own donuts and it kept us busy for well over an hour!

  • socks
  • scissors
  • glue (we used white glue and hot glue)
  • decorations - felt, pipe cleaners, beads, string, fun foam, etc.
  1. Take a sock and cut the toe open, so the sock forms a tube.
  2. Roll the sock on itself until you get a donut shape.  Adhere the ends with a little glue so it doesn't unroll.

  3. Cut out and glue different decorations on top.  Be careful to use strong glue if you have a little one and choose to decorate with beads!

  4. Let them dry!  You can use them as food items in your play kitchen, or sing this donut song with them!  You can also use them for the Five Little Monkeys song, replacing "monkeys" with donuts.
We hope you have lots of fun making and decorating these sock donuts and playing with them! Ours make me want to get a cronut!

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