Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Chemical-free, Fast Car-cleaning | e-cloth Review & Giveaway

<Stay tuned, because we're hosting a giveaway at the end of this post!>

Dust, grime, hair and dirt are the bane of my existence.  I could save so much time in a day if I didn't have to clean (read: more beauty sleep), not to mention the money I could save on cleaning supplies!  And aren't we all looking for more natural ways to clean, so we don't expose our little ones to harsh chemicals and solvents?

Microfiber cloths have changed my life.  I admit it, I bought my first one after I saw a live product-demo (sometimes I am such a sucker for infomercials!!), but it's really as great as they say it is!  The e-cloth can be used to clean tons of surfaces, with just a little water.  Yes.  Streak-free shininess and removal of 99% of bacteria using just water! I use mine to clean my glass-top stove, all the mirrors and glass surfaces in my home, and I use it to dust.  I'd use it for more, but I'm trying to prolong the cloth usage, haha.  I just realized I sound like an infomercial myself, but I really just love it that much!

When e-cloth reached out to us to review their auto care products, we were thrilled!  Let's be honest, car-cleaning can be annoying.  It irks me to spend money on car washes, but it saves time, so I head to the gas station for my washes.  I thought that if the e-auto car cleaning products were as good as the original e-cloth, I could really save time and money, and that I'd be way more likely to wash my car at home.

I picked a warmish fall day to test out the e-auto car cleaning kit, which has their Dual Action Mitt, Dry & Shine Cloth and Glass & Chrome Cloth.  The overall results?  Sparkling car in less time, using way less water than a usual car wash in my driveway!  I loved the Dual Action Mitt and Glass Cloth, and they did such a great job that I didn't end up needing the Dry & Shine Cloth.

Please ignore the chips in the paint!

The instructions said to soak the car with water (no detergent necessary!) and then use the Mitt to remove dirt and grime.  I just slipped it on my hand and rubbed away, starting at the top and doing the bottom parts of the car last.  I could see right away that it was removing a lot of the dirt, and you can see how dirty the Mitt was getting. As with any cloth or sponge, I was careful to rinse it frequently so that I didn't build up dirt particles that would scratch my car.   It seemed to really picked up the dirt, instead of smooshing the dirt around on the surface of the car.  The only complaint I had was that it doesn't come with a telescopic handle of some sort for the roof of your car.  I found it hard to reach the center of the roof, and I can't imagine the acrobatics you might need to get to the top of your minivan or SUV.  Still, I like it way better than my old car cleaning brush.  I think I'll call the Mitt, "My Cleaning Muppet."
See the parts where I didn't use the Mitt?  Still dirty.  I wish that I could just hose down the car, but obviously, a thorough clean requires a little more elbow grease.  And an orange muppet.

Ew, look at all the dirt that comes off the Mitt!

The water I used to soak the car started to dry by the time I got to some parts, but the moisture from rinsing the Mitt was enough to scrub the dirt off.  I also had to wet the Glass cloth a bit before I started the windows, as the windows had dried a lot, too.  The Glass cloth was amazing at leaving a streak-free shine (no squeegees needed!), and it was super-fast and easy to use.  I really can't believe I didn't have to use a glass cleaning solution!   I didn't use it on the interior this time, but I'm sure it would be great for cleaning the insides of the windows, and really any glass surfaces you might have inside your house!  Am I really getting this excited about cleaning?!

At the end, there were a few spots that were still wet, so I tried out the Dry & Shine Cloth.  I'd say that this cloth is the most comparable to a chamois (I love those things for washing cars!), but I think because it was my first use, it ended up leaving dust and I gave up using it pretty much immediately.  The car was almost dry (and streak-free!) by the time I finished the windows, anyway, so I didn't really need it.

The Dry & Shine Cloth did get dirty when I used it, which means I still had some dirt on my car, but you really couldn't see it at all unless you were super close-up!  For a more thorough clean, you'd probably have to spend a little more time scrubbing the car and rinsing the Mitt.  It took around half an hour from start (soaking with water) to finish (totally dry), and that was with my 11-month old strapped to my back.  He may have managed to pluck some leaves from a nearby bush while he was hanging out back there.  He may also have eaten some leaves before I noticed.  I was just super-engrossed in cleaning the car!  I think I would have been a lot faster without him on me. 

I showed off my handiwork to my family, and they were impressed with the shine, the minimal amount of water I used, and the fact that I used no detergent or any chemicals for the clean-up.  My driveway is usually soaked after a car wash, but you can see that my water trail didn't even make it to the street!  It's also great because a lot of cities and towns have by-laws against rinsing soaps into the street sewer system.  Good for my wallet, and the environment!

To summarize:
  • easy-to-use
  • no detergent/soap necessary
  • saves water
  • fast (reduces the steps you need to clean your car)
  • no need to dry for streak-free shine
  • easy clean-up (just throw it in the laundry)
  • difficult to use for hard-to-reach areas
  • still some dirt residue left, although it wasn't visible
  • didn't really need the Dry & Shine Cloth (is this a pro?  Maybe it's a pro.)
Missed a spot!
So, do you want your own car cleaning kit?!  Enter our Rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win one (open to Canadian & U.S. residents only)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway for an e-cloth Car Cleaning Kit!

I'll definitely be using the Mitt and Glass Cloth for my future car washes.  Or having my husband use them?  ;)  If you've ever tried any of these products, let us know what you thought of them below!

Check out the e-cloth website for more information about these and other products, and join their mailing list (at the bottom of their homepage) to stay updated with the latest products and deals!

Note:  These products were sent to us for review, but this post is not sponsored.  All opinions are our own. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Hope you can keep your car clean with these great cloths!

  2. Cleaning the car is certainly low on my need list.Luckily,I have a spouse who prides himself on clean cars and appreciates dealing with that type of thing.Even still,it's difficult to find the time to clean the cars as regularly as he'd like,so when I had the chance to try the e-auto Glass and Chrome Cloth by e-cloth,I jumped at the chance.If there's an item out there that will make this task just a bit simpler,I'm just for it!

    Bonnie Jenkins.

    1. Bonnie, we're right with you! I haven't washed my car all winter, but we love the cloths for our once-a-year car washes. :)

  3. You mention money and the environment and they are definitely two really important points, but when I read this all I could think is how much space I'd save. I can't be the only one with an under sink cupboard so packed that you can hardly open it because all the various products fall out as soon as you do!

    Arlen Greenfield @ Clean Get Away

    1. Arlen, you're so right! These cloths are way more compact than car cleaning brushes and soaps. It definitely frees up space under the sink for all our other junk...I mean, cleaning products! ;)

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