Monday, 7 December 2015

Fingerprint Holiday Cards

holiday cards
I have to admit, I'm a little type A when it comes to crafting with my preschooler...especially when the craft will be given away as a gift! I really have to stop myself from cringing when I watch her change up the craft to her liking (she has this weird fascination with black ink/paint?!). Really, I should applaud her creativity and encourage her to continue thinking outside the box. This holiday card craft is for all you type A crafty parents out there. It's pretty fool proof and it looks awesome and adorable. Best of all, it's super easy and your kiddies will have a blast making fingerprint art. Relatives and friends will love receiving this holiday keepsake!
holiday cards

  • blank white cards (or folded card stock)
  • envelopes 
  • ruler or straight edge
  • black sharpie
  • stamps (red, green, yellow, blue...or any other colour you want,  you can use paint but it will be messier)
  • embellishments of your choice

  1. Using a black sharpie, draw out the design of your choice. I used a straight edge to draw the tree and menorah.

    The wreath was drawn by tracing around the bottom of a drinking glass.
    The string of lights and candy cane were drawn free-hand. 
  2. Ask your child to put their fingerprints along the black lines (or at the end of each "stem" for the string of lights and tip of each candle for the menorah).
    holiday cards
    holiday cards
  3. Decorate to your liking using stamps and embellishments.
  4. Seal with love and send away!
holiday cards
holiday cards

Takes no time to whip up these cute holiday cards! We made a whole stash in under half an hour. What holiday cards are you and your kids crafting up this year?

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