Thursday, 11 February 2016

Reflecting on Motherhood | Love Begets Love

Guess I have been feeling pretty sentimental these days (maybe cause Valentine's day is fast approaching?). I was holding my 18-month-old son this morning and as he lay on my chest napping sweetly I became teary-eyed thinking about him growing up and facing the world. Somehow, I was able to capture my thoughts into words. Thought it would be nice to share on our blog.

Rest assured little one 
Your cries will not go unheard 
Your tears will always be wiped 
Your fears will always be soothed 
Your pain will be kissed away 
You will be enveloped with love, kindness and understanding 
Because even if you won't remember 
These early acts of love and kindness will be etched onto your soul 
And one day, you will reflect this love onto the world 
Quietly, fearlessly and passionately 
Because it's what you felt at such a tender age 
And it's everything you know 
~Smocks & Sprinkles

Happy Valentine's Day!
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