Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Cutest Party Hat


Perfect for an ice cream themed party! Have you ever laid eyes on a more adorable party hat? And they are inexpensive and super easy to make!  :) 

  • Paper party hats
  • Crepe ribbon (match colour to theme of party) or crepe streamers
  • Clear tape
  • Red and green pipe-cleaners (you'll need 2 red and a quarter of a green one for each hat)
  • Adhesive foam 
  • Hot glue gun
All materials were purchased from the dollar store...hurray!  And cha-ching!
Method (check out our video tutorial if you want more detailed instructions!)

  1. Attach crepe ribbon to tip of paper hat with tape.
  2. Twist ribbon as you wrap it around the hat and tape as you go along. I recommend a piece of tape for each row.

  3. To make the cherry- twist two pieces of red pipe cleaner around your finger (or a thick pen/marker) to create the base of the cherry. Use a quarter piece of green pipe cleaner to form a stem and insert inside top of cherry. 

  4. Hot glue finished cherry onto hat.
  5. Cut small strips of adhesive foam to make "sprinkles" and attach to hat. 

Voila! The cutest party hat ever! Wouldn't you agree?  Let us know if you have other ideas for ice cream theme party hats!  And check out our full post for all the ice cream party details!

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