Tuesday, 15 September 2015

DIY Personalized Birthday Sign

birthday sign
You have probably seen these cute posters everywhere...Etsy, Pinterest, on your Facebook newsfeed. They make a fun birthday sign and keepsake. I wanted to get one for my son's first birthday but really didn't feel like paying someone to do it. A mommy friend (thanks Stacey!) told me all about Canva, a super user-friendly graphic design software that is available online and free (unless you choose to upgrade to fancier options). I tried it out and I'm totally Canva obsessed. You can easily whip up professional looking party invitations, posters and anything else your little crafty heart desires. Okay, enough gushing about Canva, let's move onto the tutorial!
  1. Before you start, think of a colour scheme and theme. I chose light turquoise/red/white with a black background and a "little man" moustache theme.
  2. Log onto Canva's website.
  3. Select poster.
    diy birthday sign
  4. Select your background colour. Black or dark gray works great for these kinds of posters (the text really pops).
    diy birthday sign
  5. Click on text. Here you can choose a wide variety of different fun text designs to add in. You can easily change the colour, size and font of the text. Scroll down to get some ideas for content to add in!
    diy birthday sign
  6. Click on search and frames if you want to add in a photo. You can select from a wide range of photo frames to display your little one's picture. Once you have selected your frame, click on upload your own to enter your photo into your frame.
    diy birthday sign
  7. Click on search and illustrations/shapes/photos and type in the name of any images you are looking for. You can also download your own by clicking on upload.
    diy birthday sign
    diy birthday sign

  8. This is the trickiest part! You will need to fit in all your font/images/photos like a puzzle.  If you aren't feeling particularly creative, feel free to copy our sign!
  9. Download your image as a pdf for print and save it onto your computer. I used Vistaprint during a 50% off sale to print this sign. I heard Costco is also a great place to have posters printed for great prices. Don't forget to print an extra 8x10 image to put in your child's scrapbook or photo album!
  10. I found it easiest to display the sign by mounting it onto foam board. You can buy foam board cheap at the dollar store. Cover the foam board with colour coordinating wrapping paper and then stick the poster on top for a really fun birthday sign!
diy birthday sign
How cute is this red and white polka-dot wrapping paper!

Here are some ideas for content to include in your sign:
  • Favourite toy/object, food, song, activity etc.
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Number of teeth
  • Date of firsts- sitting up, crawling, walking etc.
  • Best friends
  • Nicknames
  • First words
  • "I know how to____ (feed myself, roll a ball, blow kisses, give high fives etc.)"
  • For older kids- "I know how to ____ (count to 10, sing my ABC's etc.)", "I want to be a ____ when I grow up"
diy birthday sign

Have you ever made a personalized birthday sign? Please feel free to share with us below so we can get some fresh ideas for future birthdays! Hope you enjoy Canva as much as we do!

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